Classical Fencing Masters Fencing French Foil From Benjamin Bowles’ YouTube channel: “Classical foil fencing bout between Maître d’Armes Cecil Longino (right) of Salle Saint-Georges in Seattle, Washington, and & Maestro de Armas Antone Blair (left) of Destreza Pacifica in Arcata, California. This bout was during the public opening and exhibition for the 19th Century Fencing Weapons and Memorabilia Exhibit on … Continue reading Classical Fencing Masters Fencing French Foil

Bryn Mawr Fencers, 1927

Bryn Mawr Fencers with Foils and Masks, 1927.Bryn Mawr College Library Special Collections.Courtesy VintageSevenSisters on Tumblr. Bryn Mawr College is one of the original Seven Sisters colleges, selective colleges created to provide women with the same caliber of education found at the then men-only Ivy League colleges. All of the Seven Sisters were founded between … Continue reading Bryn Mawr Fencers, 1927