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Queen City Classical Fencing is accepting students for beginning fencing lessons in Springfield, MO! Learn more here.

Jean-Joseph Renaud on Secret Attacks

Vincent at Ensis Sub Caelo has published an English translation of an excerpt Jean-Joseph Renaud’s Traité d’Escrime Moderne (1928) where Renaud discuss the secret thrust, or botte secrète. Nevers’ attack strikes the villain in the finale of Le Bossu. “A fencer smiles when he hears of secret attacks. He knows, or thinks he knows, all…

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Classical Fencing Masters Fencing French Foil

From Benjamin Bowles’ YouTube channel: “Classical foil fencing bout between Maître d’Armes Cecil Longino (right) of Salle Saint-Georges in Seattle, Washington, and & Maestro de Armas Antone Blair (left) of Destreza Pacifica in Arcata, California. This bout was during the public opening and exhibition for the 19th Century Fencing Weapons and Memorabilia Exhibit on October…

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Rondelle on Learning to Fence

“Fencing can be indulged in by all. Application and skill equalize the chances between the short and the tall, the weak and the strong. The consciousness of improvement in the art lends it a fascination, which is increased by the pleasure of competition with other fencers. Those who learn the art become its devotees. They…

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Fencing in Columbia, Mo

We are so excited to be fencing with our old friends at Columbia Classical Fencing today! Check back here for fencing times and locations in Springfield next week!

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Danet on the Demi-Volte

“In smallsword, the volte is a movement that is an evasive action—that is, an esquive—that sidesteps an attack while simultaneously thrusting into the opponent. When one executes this advanced move, one is simultaneously attacking and defending at the same time. Hence, the demi-volte can be considered a counter-attack. It is fraught with risk while remaining…

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Columbia Classical Fencing

From our sister school, Columbia Classical Fencing:The last year has been eventful for everyone as we have dealt with the impacts of Covid-19. One of the impacts was our reduced activity on our blog and social media while we continued to safely offer instruction. We are back online, and our website now has a new,…

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Women’s Fencing Instruction, 1917

On this last day of Women’s History Month, it is fitting that we examine how many women in the United States were introduced to fencing in the early Twentieth Century. In 1917, Mary C. Morgan edited a volume…

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Bryn Mawr Fencers, 1927

Bryn Mawr College is one of the original Seven Sisters colleges, selective colleges created to provide women with the same caliber of education found at the then men-only Ivy League colleges. All of the Seven Sisters were founded between 1837 and 1889. Bryn Mawr College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Barnard College, and Wellesley College…

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