Fencing Lessons

Queen City Classical Fencing is accepting
students for beginning classical fencing
lessons in Springfield, MO.

We will learn the proper use of the sword, complete
with how to attack, defend, use footwork, and
timing to defeat your opponent. By the end of
foil training, you will be a proper fencer. The
benefits are numerous, including focusing the
mind and building physical resilience, all with
low – moderate exertion.

Inquiries are welcomed
with the form below.

The Club
Scott is building a fun and engaging fencing club in Springfield, MO. Fencing is an exciting and challenging activity that uses the mind and works the body with low impact. We teach historically accurate French swordsmanship from the classical era intermixed with social history and camaraderie of interesting people.

Queen City Classical Fencing meets outdoors in central Springfield, MO, on Saturdays from 10-noon. A trained professional educator and accomplished fencer provides proven instruction to help you become a skilled fencer. The first introductory lesson is free. Club dues is $35 per month for any or all fencing sessions.

No additional equipment expense is needed to get started — the club has equipment you can use for the first month at no charge to see if fencing is right for you. Advice is provided to members who continue lessons for purchasing their own equipment.

Start Here
Reach out to Scott to inquire about starting classical fencing! Applicants must be at least 15 years of age.