The Club
Queen City Classical Fencing is a burgeoning fencing club in Springfield, MO. We are dedicated to learning and maintaining the art and science of classical fencing. Although we use modern fencing equipment, we pursue the noble art of fencing as though we use sharp blades — a stark difference from modern “sport” fencing.

Queen City Classical Fencing is accepting new members to begin fencing lessons in Springfield, MO post-pandemic. Beginning curriculum will focus on the appropriate use of the foil, the traditional practice weapon in classical fencing, as we develop skilled footwork, bladework, and strategy. Want to be a fencer? Start Here!

About the Instructor
Scott Wright is a professional educator who holds a Master’s in curriculum and instruction. As a lifelong learner, he has trained in classical fencing techniques for over a decade, tutored by Patrick Morgan, Esq., and Chris O’Keefe of Columbia Classical Fencing. Both are veteran fencers of over 25 years and Morgan has trained with the estimable Martinez Academy. Throughout Wright’s tenure in Columbia, he trained in multiple weapons including:

  • French foil
  • Dueling sabre
  • Cutlass
  • Épée
  • Dueling sword with
    point d’arrêt
  • Smallsword vis-à-vis Angelo
  • Smallsword vis-à-vis Hope
  • Le Canne

Wright went on to assist the Columbia Classical Fencing with instruction in French foil, smallsword from the schools of Domenico Angelo and Hope, and saber and cutlass from the school of Henry Angelo.

Passionate about European smallsword, Scott is also the founder and curator of the internationally accessed SmallswordProject.com, our sister-site. This site provides a contextual repository for historic manuals and documents pertaining to smallswords and their various schools of use over time. The site boasts thousands of downloads of primary source materials each year to a global audience.

Starting in 2015, Scott sponsored and developed the first high school classical fencing club in the country at Hickman High School, in Columbia, MO, where he taught college level courses in world history and geography. Seeing so many focused students excel in classical form, and find a sense of belonging, is one of his great pleasures.