Maître d’Armes Louis Rondelle on the Feel of the Blade, or Sentiment du Fer

To possess the feel of the blade, one must accustom himself to holding it not too tightly, for a tight grasp renders the hand insensible to a delicate touch, or (pressure) of the adversary’s blade. When one possesses this faculty, the slightest movement of the opponent is easily detected; the glance reads in a flash his designs; the thought, equally prompt, compels judgment to decide immediately what advantage can be derived from his movements and where he can best be invaded; the hand responds with its execution, and rapidity secures the coveted “touch.”

-Maître Louis Rondelle

Rondelle, Louis. (1892). Foil and sabre: a grammar of fencing in detailed lessons for professor and pupil. Boston: Estes and Lauriat.

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